Carl Henry visited Ohrdruf on April 11th, 1945


Caution: Photographs that follow are gruesome. Be ready to face the reality.


Captions are from the Eisenhower Archives files for the photos.


"April 12,1945 DDE [Dwight David Eisenhower] views the gallows at Ohrdruf"

April 12, 1945
DDE walks around a cluster of bodies of prisoners who were left lying where slain at Ohrdruf


On April 15 General George S. Patton wrote to Dwight D. Eisenhower "...It may interest you to know that the very talkative, alleged former member of the murder camp was recognized by a prisoner as a former guard. The prisoner beat his brains out with a rock....We have found at a place four miles north of WEIMAR a similar camp, only much worse...I told the press to go up there and see it, and then write about it....another page of the necessary evidence as to the brutality of the Germans...

Letter, General Patton to General Eisenhower concerning a prisoner/guard who showed them the camp at Ohrdruf and another camp at Weimar, April 15, 1945 [Dwight D. Eisenhower's Pre-Presidential Papers, Principal File, Box 91, Patton George S. Jr. (1)]